In brief

Founded 1974
Location Tampere/Finland
Managing Director Samuli Särkinen
Owners Samuli & Eero Särkinen, Tommi Murto
Production Own facilities and machines on 10500 sqm
Turnover 12,3m € 2017
Personnel 120 (totally)



Management 2
Office 5
Welding 48
Painting 9
Assembly 17
Bending 4
Cutting 5
Heat treatment 3
Machining 16
Quality 3
Cleaning 2
Logistic 4
Ukrain project 4

We are

Levytyö Särkinen Oy, established in 1974, is a subcontractor workshop specializing in heavy metal plate manufacture. We provide heavy machinery industry with welded and plate-constructed machine parts and accessories, made mainly of heavy metal plates.

Strong customers

Our Customers in Finland: manufacturers in the heavy metal workshop industry. In Germany, we have made good business in the field of big gear boxes for different sectors.

Lokotrack LT200

90% of steelparts manufactured at Levytyö Särkinen.


Our reputation is based on high quality products and reliable delivery.

Plasma/Flame Cutting

High performance plasma cutting machine 260 A
Cutting area 2700 mm x 12500 mm, thickness 2-32 with plasma marking



Press brakes

Aliko 320 t W=3000
Ursviken 640 t W=7500
Ursviken 1000 t W=8500



ControllSmart NC Control
Hydraulic / MechanicalHydraulic
3 or 4 roll4 roll
Maximum sheet thickness 120 mm
Bending length 3000 mm
Max. Rolling capacity Ø 2.500 100 mm
Max. Prebending capacity Ø 2.500 80 mm
Top Roll Ø800 mm
Bottom Roll Ø720 mm
Side Rolls Ø600 mm
Power150 Hp kW
Working speed M/Min.0 - 6 M/min.


Welding machines

Esab welding machines (500-600 A)

Motoman welding robot TRD-2000

Max. size of welded part approx. 25m x 5m, 15000 kg

Welding certification spring 2009, ISO EN 3834-2

Heat Treatment

Stress relief annealing since 1985.

Temperature range mainly 560-630 °C.

Average handling time one day.

Heat treatment ovens

- 2.8 x 1.8 x 1.8 m

- 12.5 x 2.2 x 2.0 m

- 6.0 x 5.0 x 3.0 m


Automated shot blasting cabin

Steel shot blasting



Hangable part size
3000x3000x6000 / 5000 kg

The paintshop workers are committed to the quality management program and participate in developing it further. The paintshop is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, throughout all working phases.


Machine Juaristi TS-1 | Skoda 2 pcs | San Rocco CNC
Table size 1120 x 1120 | 2000 x 2000 / 2500 x 2500 rolling | 2000 x 1500
Vertical travel 1500 | 3700 | 2700
Horizontal travel 2000 | 2700 / 30000 | 1500
Lenghtwise travel 1100 | 1600
Axial travel 1500
Quaser MV 205 CPL
Table size 1500x700

To ensure the best service possible, we have been collaborating with reliable and highly skilled local tooling and assembly workshops for the last thirty years


We carry out mechanical and hydraulic assemblies for the parts we manufacture at our workshop and deliver them to our customers fully completed.

Lifting capacity 20 t
Assembly space 2000 м2


We are a highly respected company that is sought after as a business partner. Our reputation is based on high quality products and delivery reliability. We manufacture our products according to the drawings provided by the customer - always making sure the wishes, needs and expectations of the customer are fully met.
As a proof of high quality, we run our business and production according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 certified quality management program and SFS-EN 1090-2 standard. ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 are now under work.


Our welding workshop was granted the ISO 3834-2 certification in 2009. To maintain our quality assurance policy - and to improve it even further -, we constantly strive to monitor and enhance the skill level, motivation and job satisfaction of our employees as well as make sure the machines and equipment are up-to-date and functioning flawlessly. We are committed to this ongoing development and the whole company is motivated to always give their best.